PR: NC Citizens Use Ballot Box to Defeat Several Anti-Conservation Leaders

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 10, 2016
Contact: Katie Todd; katie@nclcv.org; 919.244.5868

NC Citizens Use Ballot Box to Defeat Several Anti-Conservation Leaders

(RALEIGH): On November 8th, North Carolina voters defeated several outspoken anti-clean air and water leaders, including incumbent Governor Pat McCrory, at the ballot box.

“North Carolina voters saw through the smoke and mirrors of the McCrory administration,” said Dan Crawford, director of governmental relations for the NC League of Conservation Voters. “For four years, Governor McCrory and his legislative allies refused to hold corporate polluters responsible for contaminating our state drinking water. They gutted longstanding air quality safeguards that have greatly reduced dangerous pollution across North Carolina. And they chose to create hurdles for clean, renewable energy development by eliminating successful incentive programs. The voters responded by electing new leaders who will prioritize what’s best for people, not what’s best for special interest groups.”Key wins for environmental champions include:

Council of State:

Gubernatorial: Attorney General Roy Cooper has a proven track record of prosecuting polluters and defending critical environmental safeguards. He will take these values into North Carolina’s highest office, helping to put a stop to years of a pro-polluter agenda in the Executive Mansion.

Attorney General: Former Senator Josh Stein was a relentless champion for clean water during his time in the NC General Assembly. Stein will bring this experience and passion into his new role as Attorney General by enforcing laws designed to preserve and protect the quality of life North Carolinians expect and deserve.

North Carolina House

HD40: Challenger Joe John appears to have defeated incumbent Rep. Marilyn Avila, who had earned a 0% on NCLCV’s 2015 Legislative Scorecard.

HD41: After her first term in the NC General Assembly, Rep. Gale Adcock proved her commitment to ensuring the health and well-being of North Carolina families and environment came first, earning her a ‘Rising Star’ designation at NCLCV’s 2016 Green Tie Awards.

HD44: Voters clearly approved of Rep. Billy Richardson’s effort thus far to protect our natural heritage, re-electing him to another two-year term.

HD49: A 0% environmental voting record did not bode well for incumbent Rep. Gary Pendleton, who was defeated by challenger Cynthia Ball, a candidate who criticized the General Assembly’s wasteful SolarBees project to “clean up” Jordan Lake as well as fast-tracking hydraulic fracturing (fracking) in 2014.

HD88: Challenger Mary Belk, a candidate who ran on a platform to protect NC’s waters and quality of life, defeated Rep. Rob Bryan, who has a lifetime environmental record of 4%.

HD92: Newly elected Chaz Beasley earned the Conservation PAC’s endorsement due to his resounding commitment to invest in clean, renewable energy as well as ensuring no dangerous coal ash remains near state drinking water sources.

HD115: Rep. John Ager consistently voted in favor of stronger clean air and water rules in his first term in the NC House, resulting in his recognition as a 2016 ‘Rising Star’ at NCLCV’s annual Green Tie Awards. Rep. Ager will continue to be a voice for preserving the state’s natural resources, which will help to grow our economy and build healthier communities.

North Carolina Senate

SD16: Senator Jay Chaudhuri earned himself a reputation as a prominent voice for environmental values in his first legislative
session, earning a perfect 100% on NCLCV’s 2016 Legislative Scorecard.

Crawford added: “We still have a long way to go to elect a legislature that prioritizes clean air and water. Our staff, organizers, and 50,000 members will not stop holding elected officials accountable for defending environmental and public health protections.”


NC League of Conservation Voters is a statewide lobbying organization dedicated to protecting, preserving, and enhancing North Carolina’s natural environment. NCLCV has been working to protect North Carolina’s environment and our citizen’s health for nearly 50 years, turning environmental values into North Carolina priorities. NCLCV’s vision for the future of North Carolina is that all citizens and our elected decision-makers will better understand and appreciate North Carolina’s unique natural environment, and the integral role it plays in North Carolina’s economy and quality of life. Visit nclcv.org for more information.

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