Gov. Roy Cooper’s 2019 Scorecard

Overall, Gov. Cooper earns an A for his actions during his third year in office.

During his first term, the governor has continuously championed environmental policies that safeguard communities, bolster the economy, and improve the lives of all North Carolinians. Cooper has been successful in tackling legislative challenges and implementing robust executive actions to mitigate our most pressing environmental problems. 

Gov. Cooper has prioritized a cleaner, more sustainable future for North Carolina, working to enable state environmental agencies to exercise their authority. Aided by a more cooperative General Assembly following his party’s gains in the 2018 election, Cooper has made progress on several environmental fronts, and stopped some of the worst outcomes with the threat of his veto. The governor does not vote on bills, so his score is based solely on which bills he decides to sign into law or veto, his public statements, and executive orders.

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Gov. Roy Cooper’s 2019 Scorecard
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