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2019 Scorecard

A Message from Our Director
Executive Director Carrie Clark summarizes the 2019 legislative session.
Duke’s Dirty Dealing
Duke Energy tried all year to hike your bill, but together we stopped them.
An Unexpected Win for Solar
We derailed a bill that would have made solar more expensive.
Wind Ban No More
The wind ban reared its ugly head again, but we stopped it in its tracks.
“I Will Not Yield”
House leaders lied and played dirty tricks, but our champions fought back.
2019 Interactive Legislative Scorecard
Dive into your legislators’ scores.
Adversaries & Allies
See who led the fight for and against your rights.
Gov. Roy Cooper’s 2019 Scorecard
Where did our governor stand on our issues?

Climate Crisis

Climate Crisis Committee Releases Plan
A U.S. House committee released “the most detailed climate plan in history.”
Hotlist 6/17/20: Our Summary of Gov. Cooper’s Climate Resilience Plan
It will help our state avoid and bounce back from extreme weather events.
Cooper Releases Climate Resilience Plan
Gov. Cooper released North Carolina’s first climate resilience plan to help us bounce back from extreme weather.
NC Opens Door to Offshore Wind
The Cooper Administration is studying what it will take to unleash our state’s wind energy potential.
COVID Compounds Climate Injustice
The climate crisis and coronavirus are compounding existing disparities for communities of color and low income.
Trump Unleashes Mercury Pollution
His EPA’s latest weakening of public health protections will hurt children of color most.

Clean Energy

Climate Crisis Committee Releases Plan
A U.S. House committee released “the most detailed climate plan in history.”
Florida Set to Surpass NC in Solar
We have the second-most installed solar generation in the country but could soon slip.
Trump Orders Seismic Blasting Off Our Coast
The Trump Administration moves forward with oil exploration, against North Carolina’s wishes.
NCLCV launches radio and digital ads targeting Tillis
He’s done nothing to boost our clean energy industry while bailing out out-of-state oil companies.
Tillis: Support Clean Energy, Not Big Oil!
Sen. Tillis fights for out-of-state oil bailouts instead of NC clean energy jobs. Tell him no!
Federal Court Postpones Pipelines
Permits are on hold through the end of 2020 after court requires environmental review.

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