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Climate Crisis

US Senate Stays Blue, and Could Still Get Greener
Climate advocates will be watching GA runoff.
NCLCV Post-Election 2022 Memo: Gov. Cooper’s veto maintained to protect NC’s climate
In 2020, we spent more to communicate with voters and elect environmental champions than ever before.
Why Did Hurricane Ian Turn So Strong, So Fast?
It is the season for climate and environmental justice.
NC Electric Vehicles Surge
NC’s registered electric vehicles are on the rise
Record Days and Warming Nights
Heat waves make the headlines, but warming nights are just as worrisome.
Climate Contradictions Explained
Climate basics explained

Clean Energy

State Board Reviews Wood Pellet Industry
Enviva expansion and the wood pellet industry threaten NC communities.
More Wind Energy Areas Proposed Offshore
Wind development can lower energy costs, create jobs, and fight climate change.
Improve the Duke Carbon Plan
Will the Utilities Commission pass a plan for North Carolinians or Duke Energy?
Beasley v. Budd on Clean Energy
Beasley and Budd have starkly different visions for our energy future
IRA Eliminates Coastal Wind Moratorium
IRA eliminates wind moratorium
State Battles Over Climate Action Continue


SCOTUS to Review NCLCV v Hall
Justices will hear state legislators’ appeal of our victory over gerrymandering. Democracy is on the line.
NCLCV to SCOTUS: Deny NCGA Map Appeal
Legislators asked the U.S. Supreme Court to reinstate their gerrymandered maps, and we’re still fighting them.
GOP Asks Court for Unchecked Power
Legislators want the U.S. Supreme Court to endorse its dangerous legal theory.
Victory Over Gerrymandering Confirmed
The U.S. Supreme Court denied legislators’ last-minute challenge to reinstate their congressional gerrymander.
The Last Stand for Fair Maps
Legislators are begging the U.S. Supreme Court to reinstate their unconstitutional congressional gerrymander.
Stakes Rise for Judicial Elections
Gerrymandering politicians are seeking revenge against state courts in this fall’s election.
Victory Over Gerrymandering
Our lawsuit secured the fairest NC congressional and state legislative maps in decades.
It’s Districts Decision Week
After decades of gerrymandering, courts could approve fair maps Wednesday.
We Won
The NC Supreme Court decided in our favor, overturning the maps and ruling gerrymandering unconstitutional.
Cooper Veto Lets Court Decide Primary Date
Oral arguments in our gerrymandering lawsuit are Wednesday.
Legislators Want Another Crack at Districts
They passed a bill to delay the primary that Gov. Cooper will likely veto.
Supreme Court Taking Our Case
Oral arguments will be on Groundhog Day. No more weeks of gerrymandering?
Awaiting Gerrymandering Judgment
Court will rule by Tuesday.
Tell Senators: Guarantee Everyone’s Freedom to Vote
Urge them to pass the Freedom to Vote Act and John Lewis Voting Rights Act!
NCLCV v Hall Livestream
Follow along January 3 to 6 starting at 9 AM.
Primaries Delayed Until Maps Reviewed
The state Supreme Court expedited our lawsuit against gerrymandering.
Candidate Filing Delayed…for a Few Hours
A chaotic day for our lawsuit against the gerrymandered maps.
NCLCV Sues Over Gerrymandered Maps
We’re taking legislators to court and demanding fair districts!
NCLCV, Sierra Club Blast Rigged Maps
Legislators stacked the deck for polluters and disenfranchised the people.
Maps Heading to Court Again
Civil rights groups are challenging the unconstitutional redistricting process.
Speak Out Against Gerrymandering
Maps are out, and your window for public comment is now!
Redistricting in the Shadows
Legislative leaders are gerrymandering in the dark.
Legislators Start Work on Redistricting
Will legislators gerrymander us into another decade of skewed maps and broken democracy?
Complete your census form!
It only takes a few minutes to make the next ten years count for our communities and our values.
2020 Candidate Filing Starts Now
Candidates are filing paperwork across the state. Who will be on your ballot?
State Legislative Maps Final; Congressional Filing Delayed
The picture for North Carolina’s 2020 elections playing field got a little clearer last week.
Mapping the Trail to Environmental Victory
Will the court approve state legislators’ redrawn congressional districts?
More Challenges to Redistricting Decisions
A state court blocked North Carolina’s congressional maps from use in 2020.
Waiting for the Maps
Plaintiffs and defendants submitted their final briefs in the legislative gerrymandering court case…
New Legislative Maps Head Back to Court
Legislature Starts Drawing New Maps
Victory for Democracy
Gerrymandering on Trial
Supremes Allow Gerrymandering to Continue
Campaign Watch: End Gerrymandering
Take action this week to support fair, transparent elections in North Carolina.
Education & Resources: End Gerrymandering

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