Bills NCLCV Acted On, 2019-20 Sessions

Senate Bill 559 – Duke Energy rate hike bill

A controversial section of this bill would have allowed the state Utilities Commission to grant Duke Energy a multi-year rate hike, boosting their profits by at least $100 million while burdening consumers with the cost of cleaning up their coal ash mess. We successfully advocated against this bill by helping our leaders in the House maintain their strong conviction against it.  Legislators heard from almost 4,400 of our members who opposed this bill. 

Senate Bill 568 – The Recycling and Restoration of Renewables bill

This bill appeared harmless at first glance, but it would have harmed our state’s booming solar industry by mandating hefty up-front insurance costs on otherwise decreasing costs of solar installation. With the help of our advocacy, it eventually disappeared. Solar panel disposal requirements were then addressed in House Bill 329, which passed unanimously in the Senate, concurred to by the House, and signed into law by Gov. Cooper.

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Gov. Cooper’s Report Card
Our governor is fighting to protect our health and climate and to advance clean energy.
Bills NCLCV Acted On, 2019-20 Sessions
Luckily, most of the worst legislation never saw the light of day.
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Cuts to DEQ Funding: Impacts on Water Quality
DEQ’s job is to protect our health but legislators have been slashing its budget for a decade.
PFAS and GenX
These “forever chemicals” are a growing problem that legislators and the EPA are keeping us from solving.
Coal Ash
Gov. Cooper forced Duke Energy to move its coal ash but legislators are trying to let them send us the bill.
Hog Waste and the Farm Act of 2019
Legislators keep doing Smithfield Foods’ bidding, harming our health while protecting pork polluters.
Environmental Justice
Communities of color are disproportionately impacted by pollution and climate change.
Atlantic Coast Pipeline
In a victory for North Carolinians, Duke and Dominion Energy cancelled their pipeline plans.
Clean Energy
Gov. Cooper is leading us toward a clean energy future with good-paying jobs and a healthier climate.
Climate Resilience
Gov. Cooper’s DEQ has released a plan to help us weather the climate storm.

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